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NOTE: OUR PRICE PER UNIT IS THE SAME FOR ALL STRENGTHS OF Advair. Advair is available from us during checkout in the following strengths: 100/50 mcg; 250/50 mcg; 500/50 mcg. You will choose your strength for your shipment on page 2 of the checkout process.

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Common Questions re: Ordering Advair from an online or overseas pharmacy.

Q. How long will it take for me to get my order?

A. Orders are shipped from the United Kingdom (UK) to your home. Depending which city you reside and if in a major center or not, delivery times vary. However, most orders are received anywhere in USA within 14 business days and delivered via your postal system.

Q. What am I getting for free as a special introductory offer?

A. You will receive what is typically a 90 day supply of the medication plus another 30 day free supply and free shipping and handling as our special introductory offer.

Q. Brand Advair Vs. Advair ‘s Generic Equivalent what is the difference?

A. Advair is a trade name marked by Sanofi Aventis and Clopidogrel bisulfate is the internationally assigned generic name referencing the standardized active ingredient contained in Advair. All medications including Advair have a short unique international generic name that tells health professionals worldwide the active ingredient’s chemical makeup. Advair’s active ingredient is Clopidogrel bisulfate.

The FDA or equivalent health authority in any country regulates pharmaceutical generic companies products for safety and effectiveness. As such, the only difference a client should experience when consuming a generic is price. So go ahead and get your Advair savings now

Q. Are you sending me brand or generic when I place my order?

A. For most products we offer our clients a choice of brand Advair or Advair’s generic equivalent. So you get to choose which is right for you. Keep in mind if you do buy the brand version it will cost you more than the generic version price mentioned above. If at any time you are uncertain of the best choice, just give our friendly Client Care Specialist in North America a call and they will assist you in making the best choice. Furthermore, we always show you the exact image of the exact product you are ordering and that is what is delivered to your door!

Q. Do I need a prescription to order Advair?

A. Don’t worry, you can place your order now and our client care specialists will take all the steps to obtain or transfer the required prescriptions for you once you have placed your order.

Q. How much do I save buying Advair from an overseas pharmacy vs. Advair brand from an American pharmacy?

A. Advair is not available as generic in the US at this time so you only have to buy the branded version from a local USA pharmacy. Based on the comparisons made above you are likely to save almost 86% when you buy Advair from our pharmacy.

Q. How do I order Advair online from you.

A. We have a very simple 2 page checkout process. Ordering Advair online takes most people less then a minute to complete. Please watch this short video to see a sample navigation of our extremely straightforward ordering system.

Q. If I have questions about Advair who can I speak with?

A. You can speak with one of our pharmacists toll free Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm CST before or after you order.

Q. What is the price of my strength of Advair?

A. We’ve priced all strengths of Advair the same per unit. You choose the strength desired on page 2 of the checkout process.

Q. I don’t see the strength of the medication?

A. Since we price all strengths of Advair at the same price you will find and choose your strength on page 2 of the checkout process.

Q. How can your prices on the same drugs be so much lower?

A. A little known secret is, drug manufactures need to negotiate with the governments of countries around the world to get permission to distribute and protect their patent. It is this process and currency fluctuations that create at times huge price disparities, which we make available to our clients. We have been searching the world for the cheapest prices on Advair and the safest places to fill your orders, and have been helping people like you buy low price brand name medicine since 2002.

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