Our Story

logoCornerstone Gardens is an ever-changing series of walk-through gardens, showcasing new and innovative designs from the world’s finest landscape architects and designers. The first such gallery-style gardens in the United States, the nine-acre Cornerstone Gardens was created as an inspiration and resource for people interested in gardens, garden design and art.

Inspired by the International Garden Festival at Chaumont-sur-Loire in France, Cornerstone Gardens aims to create a cultural and creative haven, celebrating the connection between art, architecture and nature. The gardens contribute to the art, philosophy and future of garden design; they focus on themes and ideas, establishing or uncovering new directions in garden design and art. Continually in a state of evolution, some garden installations will be in place for a season, while others will remain for several seasons.

In addition to individual gardens by select landscape architects and designers, a book is available for sale on site that provides information on the designers and the process of creating each of their installations.

In addition to the shops and gardens, Cornerstone hosts educational seminars on landscape architecture and garden design, as well as related special events.

Situated along the main gateway between Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley, The Gardens at Cornerstone Sonoma are a series of walk-through gardens showcasing new and innovative designs from the world’s finest landscape architects and designers. When commissioned, these artists were given the freedom to create anything from traditional gardens to modern, conceptual installations.

Each designer was provided a garden parcel of approximately 1,800 square feet, a few practical considerations and infinite opportunity. Cornerstone Gardens was recently included in 1001 Gardens to See Before you Die by Rae Spencer-Jones & Elizabeth Scholtz. Admission to the Gardens is free.

Since opening in 2004, Cornerstone’s Gardens has drawn international acclaim from publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Garden Design magazine. Newsweek states, “Cornerstone showcases the best in cutting-edge international landscape design,” and the site is featured in “1001 Gardens to See Before you Die” as well as being named one of Sunset magazine’s Top 10 Western Gardens for 2009.