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Let's Talk About Your Health


Join February's

"Million Hearts Initiative"

Your heart will be happy you did!

Heart disease is the #1 killer of men and women in the United States. Knowing your family's history and your numbers are the first steps in avoiding heart disease. Keys to preventing heart disease can be treated with healthy lifestyle choices. Here are some choices you can make right now to help keep your heart healthy.

  • If you are a smoker: Now is the time to quit  
  • Eat a heart-healthy diet: Control your portions  
  • Eat more fruits and veggies: Great source of vitamins & minerals,
    yet low in calories
  • Select more fiber: Choose whole grain breads & pastas. Oatmeal
    is also a good choice 
  • Limit saturated fats: Use low-fat substitutions, instead of butter-
    use a cholesterol-lowering margarine
  • Select low-fat proteins: Lean meat, poultry, fish and egg whites.
    Beans and peas are great sources of protein too
  • Reduce sodium: Healthy adults should not have any more than
    about 1 teaspoon of salt a day

It’s your heart. It’s your life- keep it in check.

For more information visit The American Heart Association's website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you recycle old RX bottles? 


A:  You are able to recycle used prescription bottles on your own at home.  All you need to do is first, remove the label and shred it. Shredding the label ensures your personal information is safe. Then, simply place the prescription bottle and lid in your normal recycling receptacle for pick-up.

This is an easy way to help decrease the amount of bottles that end up in our landfills. Thank you for being environmentally conscious!

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Did You Know?

Your Flex Spending or HRA Dollars will cover routine health screenings.
If it's been awhile since you've had your annual check-up, call and schedule yours today!
the CDC's preventative screenings for more information.

This Month's Happening


Could You Get Shingles?

Are you over the age of 50? 

Have you had chicken pox?

If you answered yes to these questions, you have an increased risk of getting Shingles. Take steps to protect yourself - get vaccinated!


The shingles vaccine is now covered by most insurance. Next time you're at Medicap get your shingles shot!



Medicine Check


Don't Double Up On Acetaminophen


More than 600 medications, both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC), contain the active ingredient acetaminophen to help relieve pain and reduce fever. Taken carefully and correctly, these medicines can be safe and effective. But taking too much acetaminophen can lead to severe liver damage.


Consumer Update to learn how to take acetaminophen safely.

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