SpeedSuit in theaters: Coming February, 2012

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Two worlds collide in this epic teen fiction story! Imagine moving from the suburbs to the inner city and colliding with a school bully who’s BIGGER, STRONGER, and FASTER than you. What do you do?  Curtis Powers is living this life! Ninth grade, at a new school, is hard enough, without Treyshawn Jinkins making his days miserable. Curtis just wants to pursue his dreams—now he’s got to avoid his nemesis, too! Some call Curtis a geek; but his smarts won’t stop the inevitable. Treyshawn is coming fast and Curtis must do something or face the worst beat-down of his life! 

Allen Paul Weaver III
RadientCity Studios
Monique Lisa
Ameon Reilly, Jr, Justin Jenkins, Natalie Guerrero, Erik McKay, Okema T. Moore, George Roberts,Jim Coakley, Anissa Chalmers, Steven Strickland, Dameon Reilly, Sr, Duane Granston, Yolanda Elston, Benereia Abbott, Michael Joseph.